Lexus IS 300 Smokes Dodge Hellcat In Race

Steven Symes
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Let’s just say the Lexus is pretty heavily modified…

Normally, a Lexus IS 300 isn’t considered a quick car, at least not by anyone who’s driven some serious performance machines. The one featured in the video sure isn’t pretty, but it is quick, proving that something doesn’t have to be good-looking to win. You already know from the headline the Lexus spanks a Dodge Hellcat as the two race, which to the average person sounds unbelievable.

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If you look at the Lexus closely, the first thing which signals something serious is going on is all that tire on the rear. Most people who are just trying to look like they have some amazing build would focus on repainting the side mirrors or rocker panels on the car, or they’d invest in those go-fast decals down the sides like in the original Fast and Furious.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

The “secret” with this Lexus IS 300 is it’s running a 2JZ inline-six engine with a big turbocharger. That should be enough to impress, because the Toyota engine used in the Supra is legendary for its durability and ability to handle big power boosts.

The Hellcat isn’t exactly stock, either. It’s running some bolt-on mods, although the video doesn’t say exactly what, so it probably has a decent bump in power. Still, it’s not enough to take down the Lexus.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

Let’s be clear in saying we don’t condone street racing. We’re not sure how clear this stretch of road was, but you really should take these sorts of grudge matches to the track where innocent people are far less likely to be hurt.

Things almost don’t go well at the beginning of this rolling start. Once the Lexus driver drops the hammer, you can see his back end gets a little squirrely. Thankfully, he seems to know what he’s doing and keeps his car under control, then he casually pulls away from the Hellcat. Also, his hood doesn’t seem to be latched all the way. Obviously, the guy has some wrinkles to iron out in the build, but it sure is fast.

Check it out for yourself.

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