Lifted Ford Fusion replacement will be more Honda Crosstour than Subaru Outback

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The lifted, more crossover-like car slated to replace the Ford Fusion is coming into clearer view. These spy photos you’re looking at paint a different picture from the more Subaru Outback-like vehicle we saw in the initial prototype shots more than a year ago. Instead of the lifted wagon route, Ford appears to be putting together a lifted sportback.

Ford tried to fool everybody with its disjointed hunchback camouflage previously, but the ruse is up. Through the camouflage, we can very obviously see the sloping roofline continue downward into a lower trailing edge. In no way does it stay flat to the back of the car like a wagon’s roofline would. There’s still plenty of shrouding and fabric covering the rear end, but the general body style is no longer in question.


Ford appears to be trying its hand at something unique. Designers could’ve easily piggybacked off the successful Subaru Outback for inspiration, but it looks like this car will stand on its own. One of the best modern equivalents to what we’re looking at here would be the Honda Accord Crosstour. Though, from what we can tell through the camo, the Ford is going to look much sharper than Honda’s bulbous lifted hatchback version of the Accord.

The hood line drops off abruptly into a flat nose, and while the windshield angle is slanted like a car, the hood extends out flat and far. Assuming this front bumper height is what we get in production, this car is going to have a ton of ground clearance. The suspension bits appear tucked way up into the chassis, and there’s abundant wheel gap. If you’re one who enjoys the ground clearance Subaru affords you with the Outback (8.7 inches to be exact), or Volvo with their lifted Cross Country models, this looks like it’s going to offer the same capability. In other good news for outdoor junkies, this car looks like it has a proper set of roof rails, too.

Some of the chunky grille itself is visible through the wrappings. The headlights appear to be placed right up near the hood line to emphasize its height. All the heavy coverings ensure we don’t get a great view of the back, but we can make out the hint of a trailing edge just above the rear taillight line. It tracks and lines up well to our eyes with the way the roof begins its downward angle at the rear window.

This latest development has us truly excited for Ford to fully reveal its Fusion replacement. It would be something refreshingly different for anyone who would like something different than an SUV shape, but still wants light off-roading capabilities. Plus, it looks like Ford will completely bypass the wagon kiss of death that only the Outback appears to resist in the United States. Let’s hope a reveal isn’t too far away.

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