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With the demise of Mercury brand, Lincoln now serves as the sole provider of luxury automobiles from the Ford Motor Company. Named for president Abraham Lincoln, a personal hero to company founder Henry Leland, Lincoln has been producing luxury cars since shortly after World War I. Lincoln was sold to Ford after a bankruptcy in 1922. Over its storied history, Lincoln has produced some of the most recognizable American luxury marques like the Continental, and everyone's favorite limo, the Town Car.

Lincoln has recently gone through a brand revitalization in a somewhat comical attempt to appeal to the youth market, which is more likely to wear overalls to dinner than drive one of their cars. The new MKZ features a strange design that could be called "strikingly contemporary," but has been widely reviled for its poor handling and less-than-potent drivetrain. The only other car in the lineup is the flagship MKS, powered by either a 3.7-liter V6 or a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 available with either Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive.

The brand also sells a series of massive land-boats, including the five-passenger crossover MKX , the seven passenger MKT , and the Navigator, a massive eight passenger Sport Ute based on the Ford Expedition. It continues to sell well to an older clientele. Maybe Lincoln's "rebadging" strategy isn't working out as well as it hoped.
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