Listen to Cadillac Racing's LMDh 5.5L V8 Scream Then Roar to Life on Track

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It’s been a few months since we’ve checked in with Cadillac, but it seems its Cadillac Racing team and newest addition, the V-LMDh car for IMSA’s new GTP class debuting in January, is ready for action. The proof is in the sound.

Sure, this is only a minute-long video, and it takes nearly 20 seconds before we get to the good part — when you hear the car fire up. The car lets out this almost comical and screeching high-pitched electric whine (like the cars of Formula E), before that 5.5L-v8 roars into action. Then, it’s mean. It’s demanding. It’s racing.

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The road has been long for the Grand Touring Prototype class contenders, with Porsche leading the charge in development and homologation with the hybrid battery mandated for every car. Then, in June, BMW, then Cadillac and eventually Acura all the way in August, revealed their car(d)s and hopeful race-ready challengers. Their biggest setback at that point was they needed to start testing and ironing out the hiccups in setting their factory-made engines for the series, work well with the hybrid systems.

We were all treated to a little sneak peek at where the manufacturers were in development, following the final race of the 2022 IMSA season at Road Atlanta. There, the LMDh cars completed their first round of group testing, although Porsche was absent (as they had more than enough miles under their belts. Maybe it was a nice gesture?). But next week, the gang will all be in Daytona for a final round of testing, before they reconvene at the same track in January for the Roar Before the 24 and shortly ever, the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

I’ve not had a chance to hear any of these cars in person, but I will next week. My list of what to see and experience — and who to talk to — is extensive. However, I’m curious, what are you excited to hear come out of testing? What are you looking most forward to with this new Prototype class heading into the season? Let me know what you want to see or hear about in the comments below.

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