Listen to the Exact Moment This Porsche 911 GT3 Engine Fails on Track

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991 dot 1 gt3 engine failure on thunderhill
Watch This Porsche 911 GT3 Pop Its Motor on TrackRobbie on YouTube

While modern cars are more mechanically bulletproof than ever, issues can still happen, especially if a car is put on track and pushed regularly. Thanks to one GT3 owner on YouTube, we all have a chance to witness what popping a high-revving flat-six sounds like at track speeds.

The video in question shows the GT3 on a track day at Circuit of the Americas. The driver runs through the fast turn 2, then jumps back to throttle through the quick early portion of COTA's signature esses. Almost as soon as the car starts to rev, the driver is greeted with a metallic thud. The gauges all drop as the engine takes its last breath, with the driver coasting to a stop off the side of the track. According to the poster, the engine was toast and the car was subsequently sent to Porsche following the event. The car is reportedly back on the road at this point, with the poster noting in the comments that this is actually the fourth engine Porsche has put into this car under warranty.

Problems with the 991.1 GT3’s 3.8-liter engine were apparent right from the start. Shortly after the release of the car, Porsche issued a recall for all GT3 models in March 2014. That notice came as a result of loosened screw joints on the connecting rods. The issue ultimately caused two cars to suffer engine fires. Porsche replaced the engine in all 785 GT3s built up until that point, and adjusted the design to prevent further issues. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last time Porsche recalled the car for engine issues. Just a year later, 12 more GT3 received entirely new engines after a valvetrain issue related to finger followers was discovered. Porsche then revealed an extended warranty offer for all 991.1 GT3 owners, which was set to last 10 years or 120,000 miles.

That warranty, which is one of the best out there, helped bring some added peace of mind for GT3 owners over the last few years. That said, we’re rapidly approaching the end of that timeframe for early 991.1s. While the owner of this specific car doesn’t believe the valvetrain was to blame in this case, they did comment that this will likely be the end of their GT3 ownership journey until 992s become more accessible.

porsche 991 dot 1 gt3 3 point 8 engine

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