Lizzo Preps for Jury Duty & Is Promptly Released: ‘I Wonder Why’

Lizzo may be “100% that b—h,” but she still has to do jury duty. The 34-year-old musician recently revealed in a pair of hilarious TikToks that she was summoned to perform her civic responsibilities in court, but was ultimately dismissed from serving as a juror before the case commenced.



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In the first of her recent TikToks, the “Truth Hurts” singer documented her getting-ready process for jury duty, which she confessed she definitely wasn’t looking forward to. “I’m actually really stressed about it,” Lizzo said while doing her skincare routine. “I’ve just heard of people getting really gruesome cases. I have a really sensitive mind, I don’t like hearing or seeing that. I will cry.”


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After picking out a dress for the day, she described her look as “giving law-abiding citizen.” She ended up changing her outfit, though, instead choosing to rep some of her own Yitty clothing in the courtroom.

“Just fulfilling my civil duty,” she captioned the video, which quickly filled up with amused comments.

“I would drop dead if I walked into jury duty and Lizzo was there,” wrote on fan, while another joked, “Your Honor she’s slaying.”

The process, however, ended up being for naught. The Grammy winner was quickly dismissed from the selection process. “I GOT RELEASED FROM JURY DUTY YALL I WONDER WHY THO,” she captioned a second video, which featured a photo of Lizzo posing in front of the jury assembly room.

As one commenter pointed out, the star probably got let off the hook simply because celebrities sometimes “get dismissed because they’ll be a ‘distraction’ to the trial.” For instance, Madonna was sent home from jury duty after just two hours for that reason, a court spokesperson said at the time.

See Lizzo’s TikToks about her brief stint as a potential juror below:


Just fulfilling my civil duty 🫡

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