Local Student Taps into NFT Art Craze to Create Scholarship Fund

Local Grady High student auctions off artwork to raise schooling funds for local student in need

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2021 / With the goal of making an impact and inspired by the recent success and excitement around NFT art (non-fungible token), local Grady High School student, Rady Kronenberger, set out to create a form of digital art that has the opportunity to change lives. After connecting with CHRIS 180, Kronenberger has created an NFT piece of art celebrating a young woman who has overcome immensely challenging circumstances named Sabrina. He is now auctioning it off to raise scholarship funds for Sabrina and other students served by CHRIS 180

Rady first found out about the NFT art craze after reading about artists Beeple and Triller, both who have recently made millions of dollars on their digital art. After a flurry of more than 180 bids in the final hour, a JPG file made by digital artist Beeple recently sold in an online auction for $69.3 million with fees. Knowing how much of an impact these NFT pieces made, Rady realized he could potentially make a real difference by tapping into this craze.

Rady initially reached out to Atlanta nonprofit CHRIS 180, which serves adults, children, and teens through trauma-informed care, counseling, and housing services. Through CHRIS 180, Rady met Sabrina, a young adult living in CHRIS 180's Summit Trail Apartments, a permanent supportive housing program that helps young adults aging out of the foster care system gain the skills and education needed to grow and thrive.

"I'm certain that art can make a difference in this world, and with the help of others, this piece of art could change one person's life forever. I teamed up with CHRIS 180 and met Sabrina, someone who has faced a multitude of challenges yet persevered through it all," said Rady Kronenberg. "Sabrina has overcome so much and has big dreams to attend school to study pediatrics. Her success is the real work of art, and I am privileged to showcase the beauty in her struggle."

For 40 years, CHRIS 180 has helped children, young adults, and families through mental health counseling, provided group homes for abused and neglected children in foster care, offered housing and wraparound programs for single and parenting youth, and much more. With their holistic approach that enables children, youth, and families to change the direction of their lives and become self-sufficient, CHRIS 180 gives young adults the tools needed to flourish.

"The CHRIS 180 team is incredibly thankful for Rady, who has gone above and beyond to create an amazing opportunity for Sabrina and her future," said Chaundra Luckett, Chief Marketing Officer of CHRIS 180. "Often, the youth in our programs have experienced countless letdowns and roadblocks in their lives, and acts of kindness like this have the potential to help them change the direction of their lives."

If you are interested in bidding on this life-changing piece of art, click on the link below.


About CHRIS 180

Since 1981, CHRIS 180 has transformed more than 100,000 lives. CHRIS 180 saves, serves and protects traumatized children, adults, and families through trauma-informed, solution-focused programming that empowers them to change the direction of their lives. For more information, visit CHRIS180.org

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