London Car Enthusiasts Fearful Classic Cars Won’t Be Drivable Anymore

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We tried to warn you…

Recently we ran across an article in The U.S. Sun about enthusiasts in London, UK worrying that classic cars and motorcycles will be essentially “killed off” because of the new ULEZ rules. In case you don’t know, ULEZ stands for ultra-low emissions zone. The program, which originally started in the heart of the city, is now being expanded into its boroughs and people aren’t happy.

The UK has flirted with eliminating private car ownership, which you can read about here.

Cameras positioned all over the city will capture the license plates of cars as they drive by. Anyone who has an older vehicle will have to pay a certain amount each day their ride is caught out on public roads, and it isn’t cheap at £12.50 per day.


You can read the article to see exactly why these enthusiasts are upset, but essentially they feel they’re being forced to drive a newer car or take public transportation. And that’s exactly the whole point.

We’ve been sounding the alarm for a while that soon classic cars and motorcycles would be pushed off the public roads in London. However, there were many who thought we were being too extreme or were fearmongering. And yet here we are today with that stark reality on the doorstep.

This trend will spread to other parts of the UK and other cities in the Western Hemisphere as decarbonization strategies will be enforced with an iron fist. That is, they will be unless people exercise their democratic rights and let their voices be heard. We believe support for classic vehicles being used on public roads far outweighs the fringe detractors.

So speak up, let your voice be heard, and help preserve this hobby before it’s crushed into oblivion not only in London but many other places, perhaps even where you live now.

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