Lords of the Fallen's new Unreal Engine 5 visuals give Demon's Souls PS5 a run for its money

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 Lords of the Fallen reboot
Lords of the Fallen reboot

Lords of the Fallen, which is the new and very slightly shorter title for the Lords of the Fallen reboot, has released a genuinely stunning Unreal Engine 5 technical showcase.

In a new trailer shown during GDC 2023, Lords of the Fallen takes a spotlight to its "incredible levels of micro detail," lifelike lighting via global illumination and emissive shapes, and the Chaos physics engine's advanced simulations of movement. Up close and in motion, the footage is very impressive indeed, at least on a technical level.

In fact, I'd wager to say that, if the final game delivers on the lofty promises made in this glitzy tech demo, Lords of the Fallen could be one of the best-looking Soulslikes out there. The PS5 exclusive Demon's Souls remake is one of the finest showcases for new-gen hardware out there, right next to Horizon Forbidden West and Returnal, and Lords of the Fallen might just give those games a run for their money.

This isn't the first time we've been impressed by Lords of the Fallen's visuals. Just last month, developer Hexworks showed off some gorgeous environments - including one that's more than a little reminiscient of Elden Ring's Caelid - and gloriously horrific monsters.

The new-gen exclusive Lords of the Fallen is still pegged for an agonizingly vague "2023" release, but hopefully we'll get a more concrete release window as we race toward the second half of the year at a frightening pace.

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