Los Angeles Street Takeover Turns Deadly

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Los Angeles Street Takeover Turns Deadly
Los Angeles Street Takeover Turns Deadly

With how wild people drive and otherwise behave at street takeovers, it’s no wonder they turn deadly sometimes. Other times people just get hit by the cars doing donuts and such. But a street takeover gathering in Los Angeles over the holiday weekend turned deadly.

16 shot during street takeover in Tennessee.

It was just after midnight on July 6 in Willowbrook when two street takeover cars crashed into each other as the group was moving from one intersection to another. This is a common practice, with kids who participate in these illegal gatherings switching locations to keep cops chasing their own tails.


But when they go from one intersection to another, they don’t exactly drive carefully. We imagine after drifting around and having the crowd cheer them on, drivers get a type of euphoric high. That encourages them to throw caution to the wind, and that’s when they make dumb moves, resulting in accidents like this.

Unfortunately, a woman riding in one of the cars was pronounced dead from her injuries. While we think people who go to these events are taking huge unnecessary risks and should realize the potential consequences, we still hate to see human life lost in such a senseless act.

As KTLA 5 noted, the Los Angeles area has seen a huge surge in street takeovers this year. We think as the summer continues, they’re going to get larger and more frequent. As long as authorities treat these illegal gatherings with kid gloves, the problem will worsen.

But that might be what it takes to have change come into effect. Sometimes things have to get bad enough there’s such a public outcry those in charge have to finally quash a problem, not just sweep it under the rug or make excuses.

We just wonder how many more people need to die or be seriously injured at street takeovers before that happens?

Image via KTLA 5/YouTube

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