Current Model Lineup

Lotus is a very small British car company that makes very small cars. Heavily involved with motorsport, including F1 and one-make race leagues, Lotus cars are known for being light, simple and extremely nimble. In spite of a strong cult following, the company is almost consistently faced with financial turmoil and recently changed plans from introducing five new models to merely updating two of the models currently available.

Powered by either a 1.6-liter or supercharged 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine, Lotus' smallest car, the Elise, doesn't have huge performance numbers to boast, but with its extraordinarily light weight and short wheelbase it's a benchmark in handling performance. For those seeking unparalleled road going fun and a bit more of a kick, the Elise based Exige is a hardcore version of the entry-level car with a supercharged V6 motor that makes 345 horsepower, frightening in a car that weighs only 2,600 lbs.

Available with the same V6 in naturally aspirated or supercharged form is the flagship Evora. The handsome coupe features two more seats than the tiny Elise and Exige, as well as a more refined overall demeanor for a less compromised sports car experience.
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