'There Was A Loud Bang Explosion': 71 Disney World Guests Evacuated From Monorail With Flat Tire

A suck Walt Disney World monorail.
A suck Walt Disney World monorail.

Guests onboard a Walt Disney World monorail were evacuated on October 31 after a flat tire on the train caused it to stall on the tracks. In total, 71 passengers onboard the monorail were removed by the Reedy Creek Fire Department and Orange County Fire Rescue, and the process took about an hour and 20 minutes, according to Fox Business. A spokesperson for Disney told Fox that the incident happened near the EPCOT parking lot toll plaza.

“There was a loud bang explosion, and then we kind of saw a big flash of light,” Kris Lenk, a passenger onboard the stranded Monorail Yellow, told Fox. “After that, the monorail slowed down.” He went on to say that folks on board could smell burning rubber and smoke – two things you do not want to smell when suspended in the air.

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“No guests or cast members have reported injuries, and all passengers were safely evacuated, a Disney spokesperson told Spectrum News 13.

The EPCOT Monorail line will remain closed until Monorail Yellow is removed from the track. However, the Magic Kingdom and Resorts line seems to be doing just fine.

Screenshot: Fox 35 Orlando
Screenshot: Fox 35 Orlando

If you are a Disney Monorail nerd like me, then you already know there have been a number of incidents involving the train dating all the way back to the early 1970s. In 1985 a fire engulfed the rear car of Monorail Silver after a flat tire caught fire. Seven passengers were hospitalized for some inhalation and other injuries.

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