LSA Power Packard Is An Unconventional Pre-War Build

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Supercharged modern power moves this 1935 Packard Victoria.

Here in America, it is very common to see automotive enthusiasts concern themselves mainly with big horsepower numbers, muscle car styling, and straight-line speed with a distinct disinterest for luxury and comfort. This applies to the younger crowd of modern muscle car fans but also to the classic car community whose main focus is usually either speed or restoration. However, this divide between luxury and muscle has been shrinking as the high-powered pony and muscle cars of today begin to expand their variety of interior and luxury options. So what if you're one of the few enthusiasts who can truly appreciate the best of all worlds?

If that is the case, then this car should be a perfect fit for you as it combines one of America’s coolest classic luxury automobiles with an incredible engine that is sure to give you plenty of power and aggressive acceleration.

The vehicle in question is a 1935 Packard Victoria, one of America’s most sought-after classic luxury cars. Under the hood sits a massive supercharged LSA V8 engine under the hood which packs a punch of about 580 horsepower. That insane power has a 4L85E transmission backing it up which transfers the power to the 3.70 gears. Stopping power is handled through the use of Wilwood six-piston brakes in the front which helps to keep that 140” wheelbase on the road.

Packard had previously made a name for itself as America’s premium luxury brand in the early 1900s but was unfortunately canceled in 1956 as people were simply not buying enough of these beautiful machines. Now in 2021 people are starting to take notice of the incredibly distinct styling and advanced luxury features that made the cars great in the first place. This is a special kind of car for a special kind of person, someone who loves the old but wants to introduce it to the new, someone who wants to go fast in luxury and style, someone who appreciates this car for everything that it is. The only question is, is that you?

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