LT1 Trans Am Rediscovered By An Old Friend

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LegitStreetCars revisits a childhood favorite that sparked his interest for cars.

LegitStreetCars revisits a childhood favorite that sparked his interest for cars.

As young enthusiasts, we all had our favorite automobiles that got us into this life in the first place. For some it might’ve been a 1998 Pontiac Firebird Formula, while others might look at newer model Challengers, Chargers, or even Camaros for their automotive inspiration. Of course the reason for bringing up the Firebird in the first place is to point out a close cousin of the car the LT1 Firebird, sort of a bridge between the third generation and the LS1 fourth gen in terms of performance and style. This particular Firebird was once a gleaming beacon of hope to a young boy who had dreams of someday making a living in the world of racing and automotive enthusiast content. So where is it now and just what makes this particular vehicle so special that it caught the eye of one of YouTube‘s most popular racers?


Well, first of all, under the hood is a V8 that you probably wouldn’t expect to see in such a highly coveted enthusiast car. Sure the LT1 Firebirds aren’t nearly as valuable as the LS1 but they still hold a lot of weight within the community as a whole. That’s because they were able to push out a bunch of horsepower and pretty much dominate the entire Mustang lineup at the same time. Clearly the fourth gen Firebird made a big name for itself along with his Camaro brother, which is exactly why he was inspired by it as a child.

Essentially, like many kids in America, this man grew up in the same neighborhood that he lived in all of his life. Just across the street from his house there lived a guy who owned a pristine LT1 Firebird, the looks and sound of the car made him dream of obtaining a fourth generation f-body of his own someday. Eventually that dream came true as the YouTuber now owns a 9.7 second quarter mile racing 2001 WS6 Trans Am, a real beast on the track. Nowadays he looks back at the car with genuine love for the interest it gave him. After talking with the owner for a little while and getting to look around the car, memories flooded back seeing the vehicle driving around his neighborhood and we were treated to a display that many of us in the car world can relate to. Truly this is an homage to a great car that helped mature a real enthusiast and sparked a passionate career in the automotive sector. It’s really cool to think about how this was the car that began his love for automobiles and made his platform, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of fans, all possible.

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