Luxury Car Rental Shop Hit By Thieves In Detroit

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Luxury Car Rental Shop Hit By Thieves In Detroit
Luxury Car Rental Shop Hit By Thieves In Detroit

Thieves have been hitting car dealerships and repair shops in the middle of the night for years now. But we’re seeing more of them turning to high-end car rental business like what happened in the Detroit area last week.

Brutal Hawaii carjacking shocks many.

On July 2, thieves smashed through the windows of Dream Luxury Car Rentals in Southfield, Michigan and liberated three high-end rides from the owner. Those were a Ram TRX, C8 Corvette, and Mercedes-AMG GT 53.

Surveillance footage captured the crime in progress. They don’t seem all that sophisticated, although they appear to have gained access to the vehicle keys. What’s bizarre is they didn’t take the most valuable rides in the garage.


There could be a few reasons behind the vehicles these thieves chose. One might be they simply wanted to joyride. Police did track down and recover all three cars the next day, so it’s not like these guys took them to a chop shop or loaded them onto a container to be shipped to the Middle East.

Another possibility is they had a shopping list from someone who calls the shots. This happens all the time where organized crime rings send teenagers out to steal specific vehicles to satisfy a demand, much like what legitimate businesses do.

One thing’s for sure: these thieves aren’t master wheelmen. The guy who pulled the C8 Corvette out of its spot ended up smacking a Rolls-Royce Cullinan with the front fender when he had plenty of space to maneuver around. We didn’t say these kids are hired for their abundance of skill.

Dream Luxury Car Rentals boasts quite the array of high-end vehicles for rent. People can get them chauffeured for special occasions like a wedding or prom or they can choose to drive themselves.

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