Luxury Supertank Is The Ultimate Off-Road Toy

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There aren’t too many of these around…

If you or someone you know is looking for the ultimate off-road vehicle, this 2020 Howe & How Ripsaw EV3-F4 being auctioned right now is definitely worthy of consideration. We don’t have any stake in the auction, which is being hosted by Hemmings. Instead, we just think this is a really interesting vehicle some of our readers might appreciate.

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Ripsaws are often used in very dangerous military or firefighting operations, so these things aren’t just some toy which falls apart when put to the test. You can see the substantial bumpers at both ends, plenty of LED lighting, big skid plate up front, and other features built to take hits and keep on going. Underneath it all is a Duramax turbodiesel V8 with an Allison transmission bolted up for dependable performance.

Advertised as the “world’s fastest dual-tracked vehicle on the market” the Ripsaw F4 is no slouch. Using heavy-duty rubber tracks, it can roll through all kinds of terrain at what looks to be pretty decent speeds. We’re not sure if it does tank turns or not, but in one of the included videos you can see one make some pretty tight turns, which can really come in handy on a trail.

While it looks to have excellent approach, departure, and breakover angles, any off-road vehicle can become hopelessly stuck. That’s where the dual front-mounted D-rings and onboard electric winch come in handy. Plus, you could use those to help rescue lesser off-roaders.

While this little tank certainly is rugged, the interior is surprisingly luxurious. Heated and cooled leather Recaro seats, Bose aviation intercom system, two 12-inch Garmin touchscreens, Safe-T-Lock digital keypad ignition, etc. are among the many impressive features. There’s seating for 4 people, an oddity for these things, with only 6 such examples built so far.

With only 98 miles showing on this 2020 Howe & How Ripsaw EV3-F4, it’s probably not even fully broken in. For someone who is into off-roading and already has more traditional rigs, this could be a fun new toy. The asking price is listed at $575,000 with the highest bid at the time this article was written being $525,000. A good number of people are watching the post, so if you’re serious about bidding on this machine you should expect some competition, especially at the last minute.

Check out the listing for yourself here.

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