Man Causes Bomb Scare with Homemade Dent Protectors on Lexus

lexus with homemade door protectors
Man Causes Bomb Scare with Homemade Door BumpersMurfreesboro TN Police Department

A modified Lexus IS in Tennessee was the cause of a massive federal, state, and local response over a bomb scare on Tuesday morning. Thankfully, there was no explosive device. Instead, just some makeshift rubber bumpers to prevent dents, police said.

Now, we all hate door dings and will often take special care to reduce the likelihood of incurring frustrating dents. However, a man in Murfreesboro, Tennessee may have taken things a bit too far. He attached homemade dent protectors to the side of his Lexus IS, using wire and duct tape to hold them in place, police said. That may prevent dents, but unfortunately, it also looks like a pair of bombs strapped to the side of the car.

Several calls were placed to 911 about a car appearing to have a bomb on the passenger side doors at the First Watch restaurant on Medical Center Parkway, police said. All businesses in the shopping plaza were evacuated for two hours. Schools in the Seigel school zone were placed on lockdown during the investigation.

Eventually, the Murfreesboro Police Department was able to reach the owner of the car by phone. The man was standing across the street with the other evacuees during the entire ordeal. He was oblivious to the fact that it was his car that had prompted the threat.

After speaking to the man and examining the car, the Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Operations Unit gave the all-clear. Despite all the commotion, it was determined that the man had no intent to cause harm, so he was not charged with any crime.

It would probably be best if he removes the bumpers and simply parks in a remote location to avoid dents from now on.

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