Man Honors Late Son with Special Ironman-Themed 1968 Chevelle Restoration

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His memory lives on...

Ruben Rodriguez Sr. has always been a car enthusiast, a passion he shared with both his father and his son, Michael, who have since passed away. Over the years, Rodriguez has picked up numerous cars from junkyards, restoring each one with dedication and love.

"I mean, anybody can go buy a hot rod, but when you fix it, it means a lot more because you know what you put into it," Rodriguez said. "And all that sweat, blood, and knuckles. You bust up your knuckles and stuff."

His 1968 Chevelle, featuring a 470 engine and a 671 blower, holds a special place in his heart. Rodriguez's son, Michael, who passed away at age 17 from leukemia, loved sitting in the car. Michael was also a big fan of Ironman, which inspired Rodriguez Sr. to merge these two passions into one project.

"He was 15 when he was diagnosed and passed away at the age of 17. And he always liked Ironman. He always loved being in my car. So I decided to put them all together," Rodriguez explained.


Rodriguez hopes his children will continue the family tradition of restoring and cherishing cars, keeping alive the legacy of passion and love for automobiles that he shared with his son.

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