Man Jumps Into Pickup Bed As Thief Drives Away

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Man Jumps Into Pickup Bed As Thief Drives Away
Man Jumps Into Pickup Bed As Thief Drives Away

Having your car stolen is such a violating feeling, but seeing someone in the act of taking it is downright enraging. That’s probably why a man in South Los Angeles, California jumped into his pickup’s bed as a thief pulled away in the truck. Sadly, the victim died when the thief crashed into another vehicle.

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Police say 54-year-old Josue Orona was outside his house on the night of Independence Day celebrating when he saw someone get into his truck. Orona jumped into the bed, presumably to try stopping the thief. Unfortunately, the suspect ran a stop sign and crashed into a car, then ran away on foot.


Orona didn’t survive the crash.

While we can understand the kneejerk reaction this guy had to someone stealing his truck, it was obviously a poor decision. You have no protection in a crash if you’re just in the payload. Sadly, this man lost his life trying to keep his pickup. No vehicle is worth that.

The only description police gave of the suspect is that he’s a male with curly or busy hair. That’s it, at least according to KCAL. We don’t even know the color of the guy’s hair.

However, Los Angeles Police Department is asking for help finding the truck thief suspect.

Anytime someone confronts a car thief, they are taking a risk. Even if you don’t grab onto your ride as the thief pulls off in it, there’s a possibility the thief might have a gun, knife, or is able to overpower you physically. There have been cases of thieves using the actual vehicle as a weapon.

That’s not to say nobody should ever confront a thief. Just know when you do you’re taking a risk and things could turn out poorly.

Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube

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