Maserati Road Rage Shooter Gets 32 Years In Prison

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Maserati Road Rage Shooter Gets 32 Years In Prison
Maserati Road Rage Shooter Gets 32 Years In Prison

A man in Washington, D.C. was driving his Maserati GranTurismo when he was allegedly cut off by a female driver. Instead of just honking his horn or cursing to himself, or even better not taking it personally at all, the guy decided to pull out his gun and start shooting. Now he’s going to prison for 32 years.

Elderly woman knocked out in road rage fight.

The incident in question took place back in 2021. Yes, the wheels of justice turn slowly but they can really grind a person down. Considering Kenneth Miles Davis Jr. is 45 years old, he won’t be getting out until he’s elderly, unless he’s let out early.


Considering what the man did, we’re not sure he’s safe to have walking free in society. NBC News reports that the guy fired into the female driver’s car, hitting her in the arm but thankfully missing her 5- and 11-year-old children who were also inside.

As if that weren’t egregious enough, Davis is accused of shooting at bystanders who were in shock after seeing him shoot at the woman’s car as she drove away. Authorities say the man squeezed off 13 rounds total, six at the female driver’s vehicle and seven at bystanders.

However, Davis says he’s innocent and didn’t receive a fair trial. His attorney said an appeal is coming.

Whether or not Davis is truly guilty will perhaps be decided again in court. Either way, we know road rage is a serious issue all over the place these days. Too many drivers take every little thing personally.

We get some people are horrible drivers. They pay attention to their phone, they don’t seem to know the rules of the road, and some are just rude as hell. But that never justifies engaging in road rage, especially when it escalates to violence.

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