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Maserati is a small motorsports-based Italian manufacturer that, over a long, successful race history, has managed to make some of the most beautiful cars to ever hit the road. Like most supercar companies, it's seen many tumultuous times and has changed ownership on several different occasions. Things were looking particularly dire around the turn of the millennium with the company's lone model aging quickly and selling barely at all. Parent company FIAT handed control over to Ferrari, which instituted a two-model lineup reintroducing the Quattroporte nameplate and introducing the fantastic GranTurismo.

The GranTurismo is due for an update soon but has stayed fresh with consistent updates and exciting variants like the new MC Stradale, with a 4.7-liter V8 making 460-horsepower and one of the most beautiful exhaust notes in Modena. Topless versions of the GranTurismo, called the GranCabrio, are also available in varying specification.

Ferrari doesn't make cars with four doors, but if they did it would be the Quattroporte ('Four Door' in Italian). Praised as a genuine four-door sports car upon its release almost a decade ago, the new Quattroporte has just been released and is already receiving high praises again with even more luxury and performance. Maserati has also just announced a smaller four-door entrant to the lineup called the Ghibli. The Ghibli will be Maserati's "volume" car, and is intended to get the brand to their annual sales goal of 50,000.
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