Max Verstappen, Netflix Bury the Hatchet for 'Drive to Survive' Season 5

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Photo credit: Mark Thompson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mark Thompson - Getty Images

Netflix’s Drive to Survive is filming Season 5, and it will feature a greater input from Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen.

Verstappen did not participate in Season 4, which covered his title-winning 2021 season, having been unimpressed by its production and his depiction in past seasons. Apparently, there has been a softening of relations.

“I sat together with them and we talked about it, and I said what I thought went wrong in the past,” said Verstappen. “It was actually a very good quick little chat and we will try to improve from there and so you can have a bit more say in how you are going to be portrayed instead of giving an interview and not knowing what is going to be done with it and the way they put it into the show.

"And that is all I’m asking for, realistically, at least from my side. I cannot control, of course, what they do with other drivers but at least I want to be in control of what we are releasing and that is what we are going to do. I hope, of course, it is going to be good because I also understand that Netflix really helped for the popularity of F1 in the U.S. and I don’t mind playing a role in that, but it needs to be good for both of us.”

The next season of Drive to Survive is likely to be released in the upcoming offseason as a build-up to the 2023 season.