McDonald's Drive-Thru In Guantanamo Bay May Be A Cursed Idea, But The Food Is Apparently Delicious

THE Guantanamo Bay McDonald’s - Photo: United States Navy via Wikimedia Commons
THE Guantanamo Bay McDonald’s - Photo: United States Navy via Wikimedia Commons

McDonald’s is known for its localized menus in different places around the world. The food you get at a Micky D’s in Europe or Asia will not be the same as the food you can pick from here in the United States. That’s super neat, and it turns out the best McDonald’s in the world very well may be in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Yes, that Guantanamo Bay.

Imagine pulling up to the U.S. prison McDonald’s in your Humvee and ordering some fries. Wild stuff. This story was brought to my attention by TikToker and U.S. Coast Guard member “Sarah Dogs.” She’s stationed at Gitmo and decided to give the food a try while sitting in her car. (That’s why this is a car story, I don’t want to hear any complaining.) Anyway, Ms. Dogs starts out by saying there’s a rumor this McDonald’s is the best, so she wanted to try it out.



She ordered a spicy chicken sandwich, french fries and… wings. Yes, the McDonald’s in Guantanamo Bay sells wings. I love that so much. The wings are packaged in a 20-piece McNugget box, which is sort of strange, but no one cares. She opened the box up and was greeted with about half a dozen truly legit-looking wings. Folks, they really do not look bad at all. The Tiktoker said they “smell really fire,” and I’m inclined to believe her. Sarah goes on to rate them a 10 out of 10 while making me very hungry.

She also samples the sandwich and fries, both of which she says are “so much better than they are in the United States.” That’s high praise considering how good McDonald’s sandwiches are.

So folks, if you ever find yourself passing through Guantanamo Bay and you’re looking for a quick and cheap bite, might I suggest rolling through the drive-thru line of the only McDonald’s in Cuba? It tastes like freedom… as long as you ignore all of the bad stuff happening in the prison.

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