McLaren 720S GT3X throws out the rule book to go faster than a race car

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Race cars are some of the fastest machines on Earth. And they could be faster, if it weren't for these pesky things called "rules." Proving this point is the McLaren 720S GT3X, which takes the basic GT3-class race car and cranks up the performance, because there are no rules for track toys.

Nestled between the driver and the drive wheels is the expected twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 from the race car, complete with blueprinted cylinder heads and beefed up internals. But now it makes 710 horsepower, an increase of 197 over the GT3 race car. And at the push of a button, you can get a 30-horse overboost for a maximum of 740 horsepower. It's coupled to a six-speed sequential transmission. All of this is in a package weighing just 2,668 pounds, so it should be enormously entertaining.

You can even share the experience with a friend, thanks to the redesigned roll cage that allowed for a second bucket seat and harness to be installed. Ideally a close friend, because that's what they'll be when they climb into the tight cockpit. But that's more than you can say for the single-occupant GT3 race car. McLaren also improved the brake cooling system to ensure the car can handle the extra weight of your ballast, er, friend.

The downside to the 720S GT3X is that, because it follows no rules but its own, it's restricted in where it can drive. Neither a road car nor a race car, it's only able to be used as a track toy. Still, it should be a very fun track toy. And if you want one, McLaren is taking orders now. It can be purchased at a McLaren Motorsports dealer, and the car is built to order. McLaren will also provide technical support at your first track event with the car to ensure everything goes smoothly. No price for the car has been given, but that probably doesn't matter if you're thinking of buying one.

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