The McLaren 750S Is Likely Its Last Non-Hybrid V-8

mclaren 750s
The McLaren 750S Is Likely Its Last Non-Hybrid V-8McLaren

The McLaren 750S is a 3062-pound, 740-hp, V-8 supercar. It is also probably the last of its kind. Though we expected it when McLaren announced the 750S back in April, the company has now confirmed to CarSales that this is the end of the line for the non-hybrid V-8.

“I’ll never commit to it formally, but I think it’s likely to be the last non-electrified series-production V8 just around the regulations globally in respect to internal combustion,” McLaren Chief Technical Officer Charles Sanderson told CarSales.

He added that the company would love to prolong the life of the internal combustion engine. But for small companies like McLaren, compliance with regulations in different parts of the world can be a huge challenge. Getting a car legal for sale in one market is hard enough; Doing it in dozens is a Herculean task. Many countries also allow car companies to make less efficient products if their average is brought down by environmentally friendly options, but it's hard to make an efficient supercar. Trying to game that system results in weird, brand-diluting products like the Aston Martin Cygnet.


For now, the hybrid Artura helps offset the impact of the 750S. But as regulations tighten, more of McLaren's lineup will be electrified. Hopefully the development process for those models goes better than the Artura's. We're not sure McLaren can afford to go through that again.

Via Motor1.

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