The McLaren P1's Replacement Is Reportedly Coming in 2024

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Photo credit: Lanzante Motorsport
Photo credit: Lanzante Motorsport

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The McLaren P1 is now eight years old, if you can believe it. Fans of the 903-horsepower hybrid hypercar are itching for a replacement, and according to CEO Mike Flewitt, they might get their wish in four years time.

Above, the P1 LM by Lanzante Motorsports.

In an interview with U.K. publication Autocar, Flewitt confirmed we should see the car sometime in 2024. While he remained mum on powertrain specs, he also said the car will be electrified in some form, like the original P1. Whether that means a hybrid drivetrain paired to an internal combustion engine or a full-on EV setup has yet to be determined.

Judging by what Flewitt had to say, it seems the company has yet to decide.

“We haven’t announced the powertrain,” Flewitt told Autocar. “Obviously, looking forward, it will be either hybridized or an EV.”

Flewitt told Autocar he's a fan of EVs, but there are still a number of things holding the company back from committing to a fully electric drivetrain.

“I like EVs,” Flewitt said. “I’ve driven them a lot lately and for regular use," he continued. "They’re responsive, refined and have incredible performance. But the charging times are really restrictive.

“Take the 765LT as an example. We know a lot of customers are going to take that to the track. If it were an EV, you would be looking at maybe 30 minutes of running time and then plugging it in until the next day. That’s not a persuasive position.”

Though nothing's been confirmed, Autocar predicts the upcoming P1 successor will have an electrically powered front axle, with either a hybrid setup or a pure internal combustion engine spinning the rear wheels. We'll have to wait a few years to find out for sure, though.

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