Mecum Kissimmee Features Kevin Sergent Mopar And Wing Collection Selling At No Reserve

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Mecum Kissimmee Features Kevin Sergent Mopar And Wing Collection Selling At No Reserve
Mecum Kissimmee Features Kevin Sergent Mopar And Wing Collection Selling At No Reserve

In the realm of vintage American automotive marvels, few collections shine as brightly as that of Kevin Sergent, a lifelong Mopar enthusiast whose passion was ignited in the steel heartlands of Pennsylvania. Growing up in a family where a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner was more than just a car, Sergent's earliest memories are intertwined with the roaring engines and sleek lines of Mopar classics.

From a young age, Sergent's love for Mopar was nurtured by his father, who celebrated his new job at US Steel Corporation by purchasing the iconic Road Runner. This car became an integral part of family life, transporting them around town and to memorable summer vacations. Sergent's childhood was marked by thrilling weekends at local racetracks, where his father would race the family car before driving it back home.


Sergent's automotive journey took a hands-on turn when he started working at his uncle's salvage yard, Johnny's Garage. By 14, he was adept at stripping parts from cars, and soon after, he and his cousins created a dirt road course, racing beaters to their heart's content. Although this phase was short-lived due to a mishap, it cemented Sergent's love for speed and cars.

Demolition derby became Sergent's next venture, where he competed in local county fairs, primarily driving Chrysler Imperials. His persistence and skill earned him a track championship title, retiring from the circuit at age 40. Sergent's professional life took a parallel trajectory; starting as a fresh-faced employee at a Dodge dealership, he eventually became the proud owner of Tristar Motors, a Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep dealership.

Sergent's collector's journey began when he was 22, with the purchase of a 1973 Cuda for his future wife. Over the next four decades, Sergent meticulously built his collection, adhering to a simple yet effective strategy: invest in the best and trade up when the opportunity arises. This approach has led to an enviable assemblage of Mopar classics, a collection that has reached its zenith and is now ready for a new chapter.

Among the highlights of Sergent's collection are 10 Plymouth Superbirds, a crown jewel in the world of Mopar enthusiasts. These winged beauties, each with its unique history and charm, are set to turn heads at Mecum's 2024 Kissimmee auction. Sergent's dedication to finding and preserving rare Mopars is evident in every vehicle he has curated.

As Sergent prepares to part with his beloved collection, he reflects on the journey that each car represents—a lifetime of passion, dedication, and an unwavering love for Mopar. His collection is not just a compilation of metal and engines; it's a mosaic of memories and a legacy of a man who turned his childhood dreams into a tangible, awe-inspiring reality. For Mopar enthusiasts and collectors, Mecum Kissimmee 2024 will be an unmissable event, offering a rare opportunity to own a piece of Sergent's exceptional Mopar legacy.

Mecum’s 2024 Kissimmee Auction runs from January 2nd through the 14th. With over 3000 lots of classic cars, enthusiast vehicles and Automobilia this is the kickoff to the 2024 auction season.