Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing together again with G63 and 59' speedboat

Joe Lorio

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The cars of Mercedes-AMG and the boats from Cigarette Racing are both at home in the swanky environs of south Florida, which is why every year the two brands unveil their latest joint efforts at the Miami International Boat Show. For their 12th collaboration, Mercedes-AMG created a custom G63 Cigarette Edition, while Cigarette Racing crafted a unique 59' Tirranna AMG Edition.

Both the car and the boat are rendered in black with gold accents. The G63 features 22" wheels with gold flanges and gold on the center caps. Gloss-black badging, a dark-chrome grille, and matte-black running boards complete the look.

Inside, both the G63's cabin and the Cigarette's lower cabin use beige and dark blue Nappa leather. The G63's five-seat interior adds Cigarette Racing branding on the grab handle and floor mats, while the Tirranna's 26-person interior displays AMG logos on the upper deck seatbacks.

The G63 is powered by AMG's 4.0-liter supercharged V8 with 577 horses, while the Tirranna uses Mercury Racing 450-hp 4.6-iter supercharged V8 outboards — six of them, for a total of 2700 horsepower. Front and rear thrusters aid the 59' boat's dockability.

As usual, pricing is not announced, but we'd guess that one briefcase stuffed with unmarked bills would get you the G63 (which ordinarily starts at $156,450), while it might takes several briefcases full of money to nab that Cigarette boat.

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