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Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo Concept Front View

Mercedes calls the five-seat electric van a “a chill-out zone in the midst of megacity traffic mayhem” that “reflects the growing youthfulness” of Mercedes. And in Japan, where vans of many shapes and sizes rule the highways, the overall shape isn’t so far out — although the panoramic sweeping windshield has more in common with speedboats than cars.

Mercedes-Benz’s Vision Tokyo Concept: A Self-Driving Rave Van

Justin Hyde
Managing Editor

In a year that’s seen the world’s oldest automaker show off a trio of science-fiction self-driving concept cars, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo takes the laurel for the most conceptual of the litter. Looking less like a car and more like a video game sprite rendered at human scale, the Vision Tokyo imagines a future where the party never stops—and driving as a tax on your attention dwindles.