Mercury Parklane Peeks It’s Head Out Of Decades Of Dust

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Why the Mercury Parklane may be your next perfect project.

In the 1960s there were two car companies, both backed by Ford, that really stood out as the major luxury brands of their time. Those two manufactures were Mercury and Lincoln. Most enthusiasts today might only know mercury for models like the cougar, which was basically a luxury version of the Mustang. However, there is one car that sought to dethrone Lincoln even despite their mutual automotive kinship.

That car was a 1968 Mercury Parklane sedan. It may look ridiculous to you and I back in the day this was the epitome of affordable luxury. The affordable part of that equation is a pretty important one as pretty much everyone wants to be comfortable and look rich without having to clean themselves out monetarily. On top of that, the car came with a lot of different options such as the station wagon option which was called the Colony Park. This particular vehicle was a sedan and has been sitting in the woods for god only knows how long.


These days, it’s hard to find an example that hasn’t been driven to hell and back, or at least looks like it. After all, it is a luxury car so drivers are usually more comfortable driving rougher as the car doesn’t provide much feedback. Despite its relative rarity, the two-door hardtop version usually starts at around $8400 for a fair condition model, $24,900 if you want a Concours were the vehicle. Overall seems like a pretty good option for anyone who likes classic luxury cars but only time will tell for this example.

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