Mitsubishi D:X Concept Alludes to the Future of the Delica

mitsubishi dx delica concept
Mitsubishi D:X Concept Is the Future of the DelicaMitsubishi
  • After teasing the vehicle earlier this month, Mitsubishi revealed the D:X concept van.

  • The stubby little MPV features wraparound glass, a plug-in-hybrid powertrain, and panoramic seating for up to six.

  • The D:X concept alludes to the future of the beloved Delica van, introducing an electric four-wheel-drive system.

The grass is always greener on the other side. unfortunately for us, the other side is across the Pacific Ocean. That's because after releasing a teaser earlier this month, Mitsubishi has fully revealed the new D:X concept van. According to the manufacturer, the new concept is "designed to hint at the Delica of the future."

Future Delica

The teaser earlier in the month left a lot to the imagination, only really displaying a dust-covered, rear-three-quarters view of the concept. Now we can see the endearing concept in all its chunky glory. Outward visibility is fantastic thanks to wraparound glass from the windshield to the D pillar, along with a front-mounted camera that provides a virtual "see-through" hood. The latter display extends from the base of the windshield to show information like road conditions (or off-road conditions) and turn angle for the front tires.

mitsubishi dx delica concept

The D:X combines off-roader characteristics like a raised suspension, short front and rear overhangs, and all-wheel drive with more classic minivan or MPV traits like sliding doors and seating for six. Inside, the D:X features a 2+2+2 layout with panoramic seats that can rotate as well as move up and down. Front and rear skid plates and side-step protectors should offer protection for a bit of off-road performance as well.

Without Getting Specific

Mitsubishi didn't delve into the specifics of the powertrain, save confirmation that the D:X features an electric four-wheel-drive system and is propelled by a plug-in-hybrid powertrain. The company also confirmed that the van can be used in an EV mode for short daily commutes or a hybrid mode for longer distances.

mitsubishi dx delica concept

As things stand right now, Mitsubishi's North American lineup is fairly scant and does not include the Delica van this concept alludes to. No matter how much we pine for it, we really don't expect Mitsu to bring the new version stateside when it eventually goes into production. What a shame.

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