Late Model Stock Car Driver Picked Up, Carried Away From Ill-Advised Fight Attempt

Photo credit: NASCAR Roots / Twitter
Photo credit: NASCAR Roots / Twitter

Late model stock car driver Andrew Grady thinks he was wrecked by competitor Davey Callihan in today's qualifying races for the Martinsville 300, one of the world's biggest late model races. As racing drivers often do, Grady decided to go to Callihan's car post-race to voice his displeasure. The situation escalated quickly, and Grady began throwing punches at Callihan while he was still strapped into the car. Then, somehow, things got more ridiculous: Grady was throwing punches at Callihan, plus an extra a kick at his car, when he was carried away by someone else. Not pulled away, carried away.

Yes, that's Grady being lifted up and physically lifted out of the situation he had escalated. It was the right choice, too; the fight ended immediately, with Grady walking off after being dropped back on the ground.

Grady later told Racing America's Matt Weaver that he felt he and another competitor had been wrecked intentionally by Callihan, who was in position to transfer into the race itself after the crash. That led him to Callihan's car, where he says he was flipped off and then chose to respond by "Mike Tysoning his head." He continues to suggest that Callihan has "no business running a late model, much less a lawn mower."

In response, Callihan notes that his move on track was for a transfer spot into the feature race at Martinsville adding that "you can't give an inch for the transfer spot when there's 95 cars and I had to take it." He denies that he flipped off Grady later, too.

Callihan will run in the 200 lap feature race tonight. Grady was eliminated in the earlier on-track incident.

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