Mold-Filled Ford GT Roars to Life After a Decade of Neglect

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It's the new generation of barn finds.

Cars often end up sitting unused and forgotten, but it's rare for a high-value supercar to meet such a fate. However, a Ford GT, neglected for over a decade, was recently unearthed by the VINwiki YouTube channel. This remarkable find, located in Georgia, had been resting in a garage for between 10 and 15 years, gathering dust and mold on its once-pristine interior.

The Ford GT, a highly sought-after model, has significantly appreciated in value over the years. Despite the extended period of neglect, the vehicle remains in surprisingly good condition. The video reveals that the car's struts for both the hood and engine cover are still functional, and remarkably, the car starts up without any major issues or warning lights. While the GT's fuel is decades old and it’s not yet ready for a drive, it idles smoothly and promises a return to its former glory with some maintenance and a deep clean.


Inside, the once-luxurious cabin has succumbed to mold, covering nearly every surface. Yet, this is a minor hurdle compared to the car’s overall solid state. The GT's potential for restoration is high, and with some effort, it can be transformed back into a pristine example of Ford's iconic V-8-powered supercar.

The timing of this discovery is notable, as another Ford GT recently sold for $440,000. This mold-ridden find, once restored, is expected to command a similar or even higher price, given the increasing demand and value of these rare vehicles.

This Ford GT, neglected but not forgotten, is a testament to the enduring allure and resilience of supercars. With a bit of TLC, it will soon be ready to hit the road once more, proving that even the most neglected gems can shine again.

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