Mopar Teases SEMA Concept Drawings

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Are you excited or what?

To get you excited for the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Mopar has teased some concept sketches of the customized vehicles it will be revealing there. Yes, that’s right, the SEMA Show is actually going to happen this year instead of some weird online version which is nothing like the real thing. If that’s a shocking revelation for you, just allow that to sink in for a moment before checking out these concept teases.

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Jeep has teased similar views of concepts in advance of the Easter Safari in Moab every year. Each sketch focuses on a certain quadrant of the different customized vehicles, providing hints about what’s to come.

The first sketch clearly shows a Wrangler 4xe front fender with the Rubicon logo prominently featured. There’s a pod light mounted up top, illuminating what appears to be the Aurora borealis, which seems kind of odd. More subtle is the blue insert just behind the fender vent. It appears to hint at some sort of a tech theme for this concept, which would be appropriate. Maybe it took the blue pill?

Next up is a blurry sketch of a Ram TRX’s front end and part of the side as the front wheel kicks up a plume of dirt, obscuring the wheel and possibly some other details. The Ram badge on the grille is outlined in blue and it looks like the front two hooks might be bathed in the same blue.

Another Ram truck is portrayed parked next to what’s either a rock or a tent – it’s so stylized we can’t be certain what it is. There’s a nice rack mounted onto the bed rails, like what you might use to transport kayaks. But the subtle detail is the digital honeycomb pattern on the doors and C-pillar. Does this mean bees are taking over Ram or that it’s going to operate using a hive mind?

That brings us to an even more cryptic sketch which places you, the viewer, in the cargo area of what looks to be a Jeep Wrangler, it’s possibly a heavily modified Gladiator. Anyway, you can see the roll cage, but there’s a safari top over the rear portion of the vehicle, providing those little windows for additional light. There must be a reason why Mopar doesn’t want to show the exterior of this concept at all, but why?

Finally, we’re blinded by the lights on the front of what looks to be a Jeep J-Series military vehicle. All four headlights are illuminated as are fender-mounted auxiliary lights. But the coolest is a single pod light mounted on the front of the roof, giving this build an alien feel. Everything looks to be painted olive drab and there’s a heavy grille guard mounted up front. Is it too much to hope for a rear-mounted gun?

Automakers these days are really into teasing enthusiasts. We’re not quite sure where they learned this trick from, but it can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you get to see at least parts of upcoming concepts and market-ready vehicles earlier. But on the other, trying to make sense of crazy spy photos which you might realize later were totally faked or something like that can add to the carnival craziness of the industry.

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