What Is the Most Popular Vehicle Sold in Your State? Or in the Country?

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Photo credit: Ford
Photo credit: Ford
  • Ford F-150 leads the sales charts again, for the 40th year.

  • But only if you don’t consider Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra as one truck.

  • Ram 1500 was second in 2021, and Tesla broke the top 20 for the first time.

Yes, it’s true that the Ford F-150 remained the most popular vehicle sold in America last year. No surprise. It has been for 40 years. In fact, the F-150 was the most popular new and used vehicle sold in America last year. Ford moved 726,004 F-150s out showroom doors in 2021, making it the top seller by over 150,000 units. The Ram 1500 finally moved up from third to second with 569,388 and the Chevrolet Silverado fell to third with 519,774.

Of course, if you combine Chevy Silverado’s 519,774 and GMC Sierra’s 248,924, you get 768,698, which beats Ford by over 40,000 units. So General Motors beat Ford, but only if you think of the Silverado and Sierra as the same thing, which they kind of are. The marketing departments don’t want you to think so, but the sales guys do. Go ahead and debate that amongst yourselves for the rest of the day.

Photo credit: Tesla
Photo credit: Tesla

Last year was the first time a Tesla—yes a Tesla—cracked the top 20 best-selling vehicles in the country. The humble crossover Model Y snuck in at 178,732 sales in 2021, an impressive feat for anyone who has been following Tesla’s rise to manufacturing competence over the years. Here’s the list of 2021 new vehicle sales in the U.S., as gathered by Cox Automotive:

  1. Ford F-150—726,004 sold

  2. Ram 1500—569,388 sold

  3. Chevy Silverado—519,774 sold

  4. Toyota RAV4—407,739 sold

  5. Honda CR-V361,271 sold

  6. Toyota Camry—313,795 sold

  7. Nissan Rogue—285,602 sold

  8. Jeep Grand Cherokee—264,444 sold

  9. Toyota Highlander—264,128 sold

  10. Honda Civic—263,787 sold

  11. Toyota Tacoma—252,520 sold

  12. Toyota Corolla—248,993 sold

  13. GMC Sierra—248,924 sold

  14. Ford Explorer—219,871

  15. Jeep Wrangler—204,609 sold

  16. Honda Accord—202,676 sold

  17. Tesla Model Y—178,732 sold

  18. Mazda CX-5—168,448 sold

  19. Chevy Equinox—165,323 sold

  20. Subaru Forester—154,723 sold

Photo credit: Ford
Photo credit: Ford

But which car was the number-one seller in your state? That figure seems to have a direct correlation with the number of cowboys you have. Lot of cowboys? F-150 is your sales leader. Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming were among the F-150 believers. No cowboys? Toyota Camry or Honda Civic. California loves the Civic, Alabama the Camry. Then there’s Vermont—Subaru Crosstrek—no surprise there, either.

Check out the list below from iseecars.com to see what people are buying in your state.

Most Popular New and Used Cars by State

Photo credit: ISEECARS
Photo credit: ISEECARS

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