Motorcyclist Dances With Arkansas State Police

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Motorcyclist Dances With Arkansas State Police
Motorcyclist Dances With Arkansas State Police

It seems some guys believe if they’re on a motorcycle they don’t have to follow traffic laws or pull over for police. Maybe they have the mistaken notion that bikes can’t be stopped by cops because pitting is something only reserved for truly dangerous offenders or they believe their motorcycle is too fast to be caught. Either way, guys like this rider in Arkansas sooner or later find out there are consequences for running.

Watch an amateur motorcyclist trying messing with Georgia troopers.

This pursuit started in Independence County, Arkansas with a deputy trying to pull over the motorcyclist. Instead of complying, the guy took off. Hearing a chase was in progress, the troopers went to assist.


We’ve started the video well into the footage because the first several minutes just shows troopers working their way through traffic to catch up to the ongoing pursuit. If you start where we’ve set it, you get to see right when they overtake the deputy leading the chase and start tangoing with the rider.

The lead trooper wastes no time getting ride behind the motorcycle, pulling next to it, and then getting out in front. That alone should’ve signaled to the rider that the time to slow down and park on the shoulder had come.

Instead, the guy seems to think he can toy with Arkansas State Police. We don’t think that’s ever a good idea, but it’s a really bad idea when your bike is slow and you don’t know how to ride all that great.

The lead trooper is able to block the rider and slow him down considerably, allowing the second trooper to get close. Then when the suspect tries gunning it around him, the lead trooper forces him onto the grassy shoulder.

Amazingly, the guy doesn’t dump bike but instead is able to get back on the road and tries speeding off again, only he lacks any real speed. Still, he makes an effort.

Not too far down the road the rider finds out where his abilities meet the pavement at high speed after crashing into the lead ASP cruiser. Somehow the guy didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Do you think he learned a lesson that day?

Image via LRHNCash/YouTube