Movability Partners With Fetii To Offer Post-COVID Commuting Solutions

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AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2021 / Movability and Fetii are teaming up to offer Texans a commuting solution in a post-COVID world.

The duo are offering commuters and employers unique solutions through a shared vision of improving efficiency and alleviating traffic congestion. Focusing on decreased traffic congestion, individuals can save time, money and gas, and employers can see their company's profitability and workflow increase.

"Movability is excited to welcome Fetii to our family as it will take the public and private sectors, along with many different modes, to get our community where they need to go," said Movability Executive Director Lisa Kay Pfannenstiel.

Movability, Central Texas' first and only transportation management association, works in conjunction with employers and individuals to improve the area using commuter options that save money and time. Movability works with many well-known names, including Google, Facebook, Samsung, Whole Foods, Silicon Labs, Dell, St. Edward's University, etc.

Matthew Iommi, Fetii co-founder and co-chief executive officer, said, "Right now in the U.S., over 75% of commuters choose to drive to work alone in their car. This translates into nearly 115 million vehicles transporting exactly one person each, a statistic increasing as the workforce continues to grow. As cities deal with a growing population, rising emissions and increasing congestion, one thing is certain, the future of transportation is shared mobility."

Austin ranks as the nation's 18th worst in traffic congestion. To improve the traffic situation, Movability will use Fetii's network of 15 passenger transit vans and their group-centric AI platform for a solution.

While businesses have previously attempted different commuting options, most were unsustainable. An in-house shuttle service operation leads to high overhead costs due to vehicle purchases and depreciation, insurance, gas, driver payroll and manager payroll. Traditional commuting services charge exorbitantly high fees that make it nearly impossible for businesses to afford multiple commuting vehicles.

The group rideshare company offers a unique solution to the transportation dilemma of both employers and employees. Fetii's dual revenue system - Fetii Business and Fetii Group - will charge businesses nearly 80% less than current commuting transit providers that offer employee shuttle services. It's a revolutionary step forward in the transportation industry that gives businesses the ability to afford a fleet of employee commuting vehicles.

Justin Rath, Fetii co-founder and co-CEO, said, "During the times of the day when businesses aren't utilizing Fetii for their employee transportation, our transit vehicles are not sitting in a parking lot in the evening/nights. Instead, they are generating revenue by transporting groups using the Fetii platform."

In this post-COVID world, employers take precautions when bringing employees back to the office. Besides rigorous cleanings and safety precautions, Fetii utilizes a QR vehicle check-in process that gives businesses the ability to contract trace to prevent any virus outbreaks among employees. The group rideshare company helped to ensure a successful reopening of the Texas A&M University System in the Fall 2020 semester.

A&M System Chief Information Officer Mark Stone said, "The Texas A&M University System signed a system-wide agreement with Fetii to allow all 11 institutions and the other nine members of the system to utilize Fetii for their reopening processes. We could not be more pleased."

COVID-19 changed how people worked, and now Movability and Fetii are changing how employees get to and from their jobs. It may have been inevitable that a partnership between the TMA and rideshare company would happen as they share the same vision for a better world.

About Fetii

"Fetii has created an AI group-centric platform and a network of 15 passenger vehicles that can service groups on-demand as well as provide a cost-effective commuting solution to businesses and their employees. With Fetii's technology and transit network, Fetii can remove up to 14 vehicles with each trip, bringing a genuine and effective solution to cities," said Matthew Iommi, Fetii co-founder and co-CEO.

About Movability

"Movability is Central Texas' sole transportation management association (TMA). Movability aims to promote and connect employers and individuals in Central Texas with TDM strategies and planning, ultimately reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles and trips commuters and travelers make in the region.

Kate Harrington, Movability Membership Outreach & Engagement manager, said, "We hope to achieve this on a grander scale eventually. We want to provide TMA services for large, mixed-use developments and dense hubs in Central Texas while also working with service providers to connect employers and commuters directly."

To learn more about Movability and its mission, visit their website:

Justin Rath
(949) 639-9182


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