Mustang Blacks Out, Crashes Running From Indiana Cops

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Maybe just take the ticket next time?

A suspect behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang who decided running from the police in the area of Bloomington, Indiana wrecked out big time. We see this kind of decision making with a lot of people these days, like they think running from the cops is always a great idea, and we just don’t understand it.

See the aftermath of a Ford Mustang hitting a semi-truck here.

In this case, police say the Mustang driver “blacked out” or tuned off all his lights as he sped down State Highway 446, which in the video looks like a pretty dark road. This trick was often used by moonshine runners as they tried evading the police back in the day. If you’re really good, you use your emergency brake instead of pushing on the brake pedal, keeping your lights from illuminating at all.

One big problem with blacking out like this is you can’t really see the road ahead that well. We guess if you’re super familiar with the road this isn’t that big of a deal. But if you’re not, you might miss there’s a big dip, a sudden turn, or something else that could send you flying.

In this case, something caused this guy to lose control and the Mustang spun out, hitting a barrier. It looks like the back end might have really taken a hit, possibly knocking off at least one wheel, so perhaps the axle was done? Unfortunately, we only have distant video from a house and grainy cellphone photos of the car, so we can’t tell exactly how badly it was damaged.

Ultimately, the lesson here is running from the cops is dumb. You might get away, but more likely is you’ll be caught and have more serious charges to face, plus you might wreck your ride.

Source: The Bloomingtonian

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