Mysterious C8 Corvette Sparks Online Debate

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Mysterious C8 Corvette Sparks Online Debate
Mysterious C8 Corvette Sparks Online Debate

A C8 Corvette reflected in the window of a pizzeria in Fresno, California has sparked quite the online debate. The issue is even though the mid-engine sports car is clearly visible in the windows of the Boston House of Pizza located in a strip mall, the video taken by a guy named Eddie doesn’t show the same vehicle sitting anywhere in the parking lot.

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You can clearly see the orange (or maybe it’s Torch Red and the window altered the hue) C8 Corvette in two windows and the glass door. But as Eddie pans around the parking lot with his phone, you don’t see any C8 Corvettes, just a lot of plain vehicles.


Where is the reflection coming from? People have thoughts about that. Some believe the mid-engine sports car is sitting inside the restaurant. Or that the angle of the reflection meant the vehicle was sitting outside where the guy filmed in the parking lot.

At least one person pointed out that none of the cars parked in front of the restaurant are reflected in the windows. That’s a key observation and probably a huge clue about why we see a C8 Corvette which isn’t parked out front.

But people argued a lot and put forth other theories, some of them ridiculous, whether intentionally or not.

Eddie even went back a second time to check out if the mystery Corvette was still reflected in the pizzeria’s windows and respond to some questions he was asked in the comments. So he walks up to the front of the restaurant while filming and as he gets closer the vehicles parked out front are reflected in the windows.

He also shows there’s no C8 Corvette parked inside. Considering how much they run on the market, that really isn’t surprising.

Image via breaknpop/TikTok

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