Naked Suspect Fights Las Vegas Cop, Steals His Truck

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Naked Suspect Fights Las Vegas Cop, Steals His Truck
Naked Suspect Fights Las Vegas Cop, Steals His Truck

There’s the old saying that you should never fight naked and it’s one we wish this guy in Las Vegas had followed. We’re pretty sure the police officer he fought wished the same, especially after the suspect hopped in his truck and took off.

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The incident, which went down on Halloween night of course, is spreading like wildfire and it’s not hard to see why. According to KLAS, the whole thing started as a disturbance call after the nude man, later identified as 29-year-old Clyde Cabulisan, was spotted walking around in traffic.


When the responding officer arrived, Cabulisan for some reason decided to start hitting him. Here’s the thing: taser deployments often don’t work because clothing gets in the way of those barbs lodging in a suspect’s skin. With this guy the officer pretty much couldn’t have missed and in fact could’ve hit some rather critical areas. Why he didn’t lead with a taser is a question we don’t have the answer to.

Cell phone footage taken by a bystander shows the guy just whaling on the cop. He’s lucky the officer didn’t use deadly force at that point. Then he climbs into the police truck and starts to drive off, dragging the officer for a short distance. Again, he’s lucky he didn’t get shot since that can be considered a justification for deadly force.

Also, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police shoot a lot of people every year. And they seem to be rather good at hitting their marks. So Cabulisan got lucky.

Instead of catching a bullet, the naked man led police on a five-mile-plus chase, at times driving into oncoming traffic. He eventually ran a red light and hit another vehicle, critically injuring the driver and passenger.

Reportedly, Cabulisan “suffered substantial injuries” as well and was taken to the hospital. There seems to be no official word on why he was naked or decided to beat up a cop, but we think there’s an obvious potential explanation.

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