NASCAR Driver Ryan Preece Rolls Ten Times

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NASCAR Driver Ryan Preece Rolls Ten TimesNASCAR on NBC / Twitter

NASCAR driver Ryan Preece rolled ten times in a long crash late in Saturday's Cup Series race at Daytona. Preece was able to exit the car after the collision, but was reportedly taken to an area hospital post-race.

In real time, the crash took eight seconds. It began when Preece, who was racing near the front late for a win that would lock him into the Cup Series playoffs in his last opportunity to do so this season, was bumped from behind while drafting in the outside lane. His No. 41 Ford then spun sideways through traffic and into the grass, where it was thrown into the air by either turbulence underneath the car's flat floor over an uneven surface or a bump somewhere in the grass or on the paved infield road course.


Air then gets beneath the car all at once, flipping it up in a "blowover" style crash. The first hit then reverses the momentum of the rollover, flipping the car back forward and beginning a series of terrifying, spectacular rolls. The car is thrown well into the air twice, rolling multiple times before it lands on both occasions.

In slow motion, NBC's primary angle of the crash lasts an astonishing 55 seconds. The car jettisons a roof panel meant to help with emergency extraction early, shedding more bodywork and even parts of the suspension as it continues to roll. Ultimately, the car lands on its floor and a conscious Preece is able to leave it safely. Other than the report that he has been taken to a local hospital, no further update about his condition has been released.

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