Netflix Accused of ‘Creating Drama’ in F1

Photo credit: Jeff Spicer - Formula 1 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Spicer - Formula 1 - Getty Images

It appears an explosive meeting of team bosses in Montreal will be featured in the next official Netflix series about Formula 1.

As the bosses warred over the FIA's clampdown on so-called 'porpoising', Red Bull boss Christian Horner revealed that the Netflix cameras were rolling when Toto Wolff "lost his sh*t".

"The meeting got a little emotional," Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack told Auto Motor und Sport.

"There was a camera and I think it was Christian who asked if it could be turned off. But I can't say if it was still being recorded or if the microphones were open the whole time."

Germany's Bild newspaper quoted Horner as confirming that there were "elements of theatre" to the Montreal meeting.


"Lewis' new film is coming up," he said. "Maybe Toto will get a role in it."

Otmar Szafnauer, boss of the Renault-owned team Alpine, told Sport1: "The fact that Netflix was there certainly contributed to my reluctance not to say anything."

He said of the presence of the cameras: "Does it create drama that otherwise wouldn't exist? I don't know but I'm sure people will assume that it has an impact.

"And maybe it does."

Axed Haas driver Nikita Mazepin said that because Netflix is "trying to make a business" out of its involvement in Formula 1, "some uninteresting moments" need to be spiced up.

"I think the work of the editors is very difficult and I certainly do not envy them," he told Sport-Express.

"Generally, everything that popularizes sports is a good project, because they are primarily aiming at young people.

"Perhaps in 10-20 years, some young guy will not go to a pub to drink beer in the evening after studying but will instead go karting. Then I think we would say it was a successful project."