New York, DC the Worst U.S. Cities For Drivers

Cadillac recently moved its HQ to New York City, which seems kind of odd in light of the fact it’s been picked the worst city in the US for drivers. Then again, it’s got to be a better place to be than the best city in the US for drivers: Lubbock, Texas.

That’s the findings of personal finance website WalletHub. It’s out with rankings for the Top 10 Best Cities for Drivers and the Top 10 Worst Cities for Drivers.

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car thefts by city photo
car thefts by city photo

Lubbock, for those of you who didn’t know (i.e. me), is the 11th biggest city in Texas and the 85th biggest in the US. But now it can brag to beating out fellow Texas city Corpus Christi, which came in number two.

New York City, on the other hand, had the distinction of beating out Washington, D.C. for the worst driving city. WalletHub determined where cities rank by things like average gas prices, average annual traffic delays, rates of car theft and car clubs per capita.

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car thefts by city image
car thefts by city image

Here are the Top 10 Cities for Drivers:

1 Lubbock, TX
2 Corpus Christi, TX
3 Lincoln, NE
4 Greensboro, NC
5 Tucson, AZ
6 Reno, NV
7 Durham, NC
8 Colorado Springs, CO
9 Winston-Salem, NC
10 Raleigh, NC

As you can see, the best state for drivers appears to be North Carolina.

Here are the Top 10 Worst Cities for Drivers:

1 New York, NY
2 Washington, DC
3 Philadelphia, PA
4 San Francisco, CA
5 Detroit, MI
6 Newark, NJ
7 Boston, MA
8 Chicago, IL
9 Baltimore, MD
10 Los Angeles, CA

Hmm, looks like Cadillac went from the frying pan into the fire when it moved from Detroit to New York. Maybe it should have relocated to Los Angeles.

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traffic delays by city image
traffic delays by city image

Somewhat interestingly, California has three of the best cities for traffic (Bakersfield, Stockton and Fresno) and four of the worst for traffic (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Long Beach and Oakland).

Part of the reason Boston sucks for drivers is it has the lowest amount of auto repair shops per capita. Orlando, FL, has the most, followed by Miami.

Does your city rate on this list? What do you think of these rankings? Comment below.


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