10 Most Recalled Cars from 2007-2013 Might Surprise You

Keith Griffin

Most recalled cars Cruze photo

A new report out from iSeeCars.com has determined the top 10 most recalled cars among 2007 to 2013 models. And the most surprising thing is GM doesn’t take all 10 spots. Though, you might be surprised by the company that does dominate.

Even though GM had recalled almost 27 million vehicles (out of 52 million overall) through the end of October, it only has one car in the top 10. The one company that holds down 5 spots, according to iSeeCars.com, is FCA with recalls for Jeep taking two of the top 10, Dodge two of the top 10 and Chrysler one spot.

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RAV4 recall photo

The car holding the dubious distinction of most recalled among 2007 to 2013 models is the Chevrolet Cruze. According to iSeeCars.com, it has 4.8 recalls on average. (Some model years would have more while others would have less.) The site figures a Chevy Cruze owner would spend 14.4 hours on recall repairs based on average of 3.3 hours per recall. That’s almost two full days of work missed dealing with problems OEMs created.

The Toyota RAV4 pops up second on the list with an average of 4.7 recalls and the Toyota Camry shows up in the seventh spot with 3.6 recalls. Yet somehow people still fall for the myth of Toyota reliability even with two of its top sellers being among the top 10 most recalled vehicles.

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Grand Cherokee recall photo

But the big loser on this list is FCA, otherwise known as Fiat Chrysler Automotive. It has the number 3-5 spots with the Jeep Grand Cherokee (4.4 recalls), Dodge/Ram 1500 (4.3 recalls), and Jeep Wrangler (4.2 recalls).

The sibling minivans, the Chrysler Town & Country (3.5 recalls) and the Dodge Grand Caravan (3.0 recalls) take down the number 8 and 9 spots on the recall countdown. Dodge has announced it’s no longer making the Grand Caravan so that means less to recall going forward.

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Rounding out the list of Top 10 Most Recalled Vehicles the Hyundai Sonata at the number 6 spot with 3.9 recalls and the Nissan Altima with 3.0 recalls.

Here’s how the full list looks:



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