10 worst cars of all time revisited

10 worst cars of all time revisited


Of all the bad cars on all the lists of all the worst cars in the world, Walter White drove off in ours.

We take no credit for this, but the Pontiac Aztek, which topped the list of the 10 Worst Cars of All Time in TheStreet's February 2012 story, was destined for more fame than it had ever achieved in the five years when GM actively sold it.

The Aztek became increasingly well-known because it was driven by one of the worst guys ever. That was White, a chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who became a homicidal meth dealer during the five seasons that "Breaking Bad," in which White was the leading character, became one of the top TV shows of all time.

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For our story, we took the 10 worst cars from a list of the 100 worst cars ever that was developed by Edmunds.com. About two dozen Edmunds.com staffers spent a couple of months refining their list of the 100 worst cars ever. They started with individual lists of bad cars, compiled them and put the cars in order, accompanied by lots of discussions, emails and meetings. The story was written by Santa Barbara, Ca.-resident John Pearley Huffman.

Now it is time to run through the 10 worst cars of all time. Huffman has made a change in this list, replacing the 1955 BMW Isetta, which was No. 3, with a recent vehicle.

Truthfully, we learned after this list was first published that most of the cars on it had their defenders. Even the Vega had defenders.

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