$700,000 Cobalt Valkyrie Might be the Prettiest Personal Plane on the Market


In the market for a personal plane? Boy, have we found the most beautiful one for you. It’s called the Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie, and aside from being drop-dead-gorgeous, it’s got the performance, and efficiency to back up the looks.

The single-engine piston plane can reach 260 knots (around 300 mph), and stay in the sky for up to 1,050 nautical miles (1,200 miles). Compared to other personal aircrafts, it’s about 20 mph quicker, and slightly more efficient.

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The other thing that makes this plane unique is the setup. The engine sits at the rear, meaning unlike many other personal planes, the Valkyrie feels more like a jet; quieter, and limited on vibration. And the design keeps the Top Gun theme going.

“Pilots flying Cobalt’s Valkyrie will appreciate the beautiful, expansive visibility above and below,” says Cobalt. “Valkyrie has the largest one-piece canopy in the world and unrivaled visibility with a 320-degree view.”

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Open up that F-16-like canopy, and the ex-Hermes crafted interior mimics something you’d find in a modern day fighter jet. A glass instrument panel, an iPad holder, sidestick flight controls, seating for five, and an anti-ice system, just to name a few features.

While everything about the Valkyrie sounds extremely promising, the company won’t be launching the new aircraft until 2017. So that $700,000 will have to burn a hole in your pocket for a little while longer.

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