788HP Cadillac Coupe de Kill is Absolutely Menacing

Keith Griffin

Sometimes a car straight up makes me salivate. The 196-mph LSR 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Kill is just that car.

Thanks to a 500-cubic-inch Cadillac engine with MegaSquirt EFI, and a 106mm Precision turbo, it’s estimated the Coupe de Kill has more than 788 horsepower and 770 ft/lb of torque. In your face, Dodge Charger Hellcat!

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Coupe de Kill engine photo

As Brian Lohnes, the genius behind BangShift.com reports, “It makes you smile to see it sitting still, but let us assure you that when the monster is making nearly 180mph and is at full bellow, you’ll burst into the kind of maniacal laughter that only car guys know when they are watching something awesome beyond words.”

This beauty was created by Sean Mote of Ohio. It has a fiberglass hood and front bumper. Mote hand fabricated the turbo plumbing and the Mustang Fox-body adapted front suspension. He found it sitting outside a junkyard where it had sat for years and had been set on fire at one point.

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Cadillac Coupe de Kill interior photo

Other performance details include a set of aluminum Potter Performance high port cylinder heads, a blow through carburetor and 90mm precision turbo. When it’s all said and done, this monster can tackle a quarter mile in 10.90 seconds at 127 mph.

But the really interesting part is how he tweaked the Mustang Fox-Boxy suspension. There’s Mustang lower control arms, adjustable circle track upper control arms, RideTech air bags on all four corners, Mustang spindles, a Mustang rack and pinion, and the cappers are the Mustang Cobra 13″ rotors and matching calipers. Mote calls it a “hybrid” system.

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Coupe de Kill front fascia photo

At 4,200 lbs, it’s heavy, but it does lose a few hundred pounds from the standard Coupe Deville. So that’s nice. Now we just need to see this thing in action taking on the quarter mile.


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