CAMI Terra Wind is the Go Anywhere, Do Anything Amphibious RV


The great thing about RVs is that you’re able to travel cross-country without having to be fondled by the TSA, or stay in roadside motels that you wouldn’t want to bring a black light into. It’s the best of both worlds. The only problem we could really see if the lack of aquatic mobility with these monster machines. That is, until now…

Meet the CAMI Terra Wind, the very first fully amphibious RV. On road and in water, the Terra Wind is as comfortable and mobile as any standard RV. CAMI says that the Terra Wind reaches speeds of 80 mph on the highway, and 7 knots at sea.

CAMI Terra Wind 2

Inside, you see all the same amenities you would expect in any standard RV, including a kitchen, bathrooms, beds — the whole nine yards.

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But what will it cost you for one of these all-terrain RVs? Try anywhere between $850,000 and $1.2M, depending on trim. Of course, that’s only a small price to pay for something that can go anywhere, do anything, and sleep a family of four comfortably. You just have to be a millionaire that prefers driving cross country rather than taking your private jet.

CAMI Terra Wind

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