Chevrolet Corvette Stingray can now capture track heroics in real-time video

Chevrolet is singing the redneck battle cry —"Y’all watch this"—to the 2015 Corvette with an integrated performance data recorder. Unveiled at the CES 2014 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, this new system can record high-definition video with telemetry overlays, so you can share hero driving, or embarrassing fails, with the world.

A rather complete set-up, the system uses a 720p camera mounted in the windshield header to record a driver-perspective of the road. It can record up to 13 hours with a 32-GB card. There is also a cabin microphone for narration, bragging, panicking, and talking smack. (Watch us discuss sports cars in Talking Cars.)

Going beyond a mere dash cam, the system uses a precision GPS receiver integrated with the car’s computer to capture data, such as engine speed, gear selection, braking force, and steering angle.  The information can be captured and displayed in several modes: Track gives maximum details, including g-force and a location-based map; Sport is similar with less detail; Performance focuses on typical test elements, like 0-60 mph, quarter mile, and 0-100-0 times; and Touring simply captures audio and video. With this possible level of detail, drivers can learn from their on-track experiences. (See our Corvette review, sharing our track experiences.)

The composited video can be played back in the car or transferred to a computer, where software provides tools for more detailed analysis akin to what race teams use. Chevrolet points out that the videos can be shared via social media, ensuring enthusiasts will seek bragging rights for all manner of track adventures.

Available on the 2015 Corvette Stingray, the Corvette Performance Data Recorder is a powerful tool for aspiring track enthusiasts, and it may prove to be popular on YouTube. We’ll be watching.

Jeff Bartlett

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