Continental Style: Bentley Entering High-End Home Furniture Game


Forget horsepower, displacement and miles per gallon, the new test of an automaker’s mettle is apparently thread count. Certain niche and luxury automakers have long sought to expand their influence to the realm of home and lifestyle goods. Porsche and Ferrari have done it for years, and now they have a new rival. Bentley has ventured into the world of luxury home furnishings with automotive branding.

To create the Bentley Home Collection, the automaker teamed up with Luxury Living Group, an Italian firm. According to the NY Daily News, the two are are conspiring to deliver a collection of modern furniture with clear automotive touches. Look at this white couch and you can see the quilted leather, like you would find on the interior of a Mulsanne of Continental GT.


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According to Kevin Rose, Bentley board member of sales and marketing, “The Home Collection embodies Bentley’s emergence as a modern high luxury brand.” Rose continued, “It combines sophisticated materials with contemporary design and the ultimate in bespoke craftsmanship.”


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I kinda dig the seat arms that look like messenger bags. Like the cars that Bentley builds, we’re guessing there is quite a premium for these artful pieces of furniture. But as the old saying goes, if you have to ask…

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